Our history

However, it is possible to be the best at understanding the actual needs for today’s decapsulations of IC packages, the needs of the future, as well as the needs for those technologies that have been in existence for some time.

That is why we became a fabless company, which allows us to focus on the techniques of decapsulation, developing the equipment necessary for the task through collaboration with the leading manufacturers in each of the 4 ways of decapsulation.

With 20 years of experience in IC decapsulation, a young international team of experts, and an understanding of the needs of our clients, we have become the leader in decapsulation in just a few years.

Since 1992 DIGIT CONCEPT has been supplying tools for semiconductor Failure Analysis.

DIGIT CONCEPT invests considerable time and effort in the development of new and innovative techniques for the semiconductor industry, but also in developing new techniques and improvements for existing technologies.

our business

It is not possible for one company to be the leader in chemical decapsulation, plasma, mechanical techniques, and laser ablation.

Extensive knowledge of Failure Analysis :

  • All techniques used before and after IC decap

Decapsulation Knowledge :

  • 12 years experience with LASER decapsulation
  • 20 years experience with ACID decapsulation
  • 20 years experience with PLASMA decapsulation
  • Worldwide Support: 7 Sesame Labs

Technology Leader :

  • 12 international scientific papers
  • German and USA quality and robustness

DIGIT CONCEPT offers the following:


We do more than just develop new techniques or improve existing ones for the FA and reliability world. We scientifically verify results and share the data via the articles we publish with our clients at ISTFA, IPFA,ESREF,EPTC,IMAPS,etc ...


To be closer to the needs of our Customers, we distribute the equipment and techniques needed both before and after Chip Access. Do not hesitate to contact us concerning any unresolved cases you may have in your laboratories. To this end we have 7 expertise centers around the world READY to help you with the techniques we currently use and those that we continue to develop.