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ISTFA 2017


Banner ISTFA 2017

Digit Concept will attend the 43rd International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, that will take place in Pasadena (California, USA)  5-9 November 1-5, 2017.

All the DC Team we will be glad to meet you at our Booth 209  and to show you our last products.


Booth ISTFA 20162016 booth 





ESREF 2017


ESREF 2017 banner

Welcome at ESREF 2017, we will be please to meet you at our Booth 23.

IPFA 2017


banner IPFA 2017


Booth IPFA 2017Welcome at IPFA 2017, we were please to meet you at our Booth #23 with our partner in Asia Ellipsiz.

This year we were happy to show and share our latest Sesame products : Acid, Mechanical, Plasma and LASER Decap.

ESREF 2016


ESREF 2016 logo


Welcome at ESREF 2016, we will be please to meet you at our Booth 32-33 at the first floor.

Come to see our Acid and Mechanical Upgrades with our iPaneltm and our LASER demos.

IPFA 2016


Bandeau IPFA 2016

iPanel v2016-06

Digit Concept Asia Pacific will attend the 23rd International symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of integrated circuits (IPFA), that will take place in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 18th to 21th July 2016.


All the DC Team we will be glad to meet you at our Booth A1-A3 and to show you our last products and developments based on our new iPaneltm.

EPTC 2015


Bandeau EPTC

Digit Concept will attend the 17th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference, that will take place in Singapor, 2-4 December, 2015.

All the DC Team we will be gald to meet you and to show you our last products.


If you have questions on Cu or Ag wires decapsulation, don't hesitate to ask us our recipes, or meet us during the poster session the 4th of december, we will present a poster titled : New decapsulation methods for ICs with Cu and Ag wires.


ISTFA 2015


Bandeau ISTFA 2015

Digit Concept will attend the 41st International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, that will take place in Portland (Oregon, USA)  1-5 November 1-5, 2015.

All the DC Team we will be gald to meet you at our Booth 337  and to show you our last products.


Don't miss our presentation during the session "Sample Preparation and Device Deprocessing II", Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 12:40 PM, titled: LASER combined with Plasma will it be the future green and safe ICs decapsulation method?






DIGIT CONCEPT introduces the New SesameLASERPlasma™ (SLP).

After 9 years of Research on combined LASER and Plasma Technology, DIGIT CONCEPT is pleased to announce the New SesameLASERPlasma™ (SLP), the Green way to decapsulate all types of IC with all types of wires materials (Al, Au, Cu, Cu/Pd, Ag ...). 

The SLP500DC is based on our SL500DC platform.  It combines a high performance IR Fiber LASER with Radio Frequency or Micro Wave Plasma (RFP/MWP). This SLP is based on our joint patent with the CNES Toulouse (Fr) - WO 2008/090281.

The SLP500DC provide 3 technics to solve mainly all your needsSLP500_Plasma

  • Atmospheric Radio Frequency Plasma (ARFP) and Micro Wave Plasma (AMWP)

  • Vacuum Radio Frequency Plasma (VRFP) and Micro Wave Plasma (VMWP)

  • Control of the Plasma obtained from the LASER ablation process

SLP500DC Platform

  • 3 in 1 system: The SLP500DC is our third LASER IC decapsulator basic platform. It can also integrate a cross section option for ICs, modules and PCBs. In addition, a Plasma option module can be added to become the SLP500DC

  • Flexible and Reliable : The SLP500C integrates a 10W IR Fiber LASER on basis. 4 Power LASER and 4 lenses are available to meet all you requirements. The SLP500DC is equipped with a Live vision camera with Fast Z adjustment and a Coaxial camera with High Mag and FOV on request. The SLP500DC have a 2 years Warranty.

  • Easy and Safe: The SLP500DC is a compact system, very easy to move. It can be installed everywhere in a workshop or on a production line and  needs a simple mono-phased electric plug 110/220V - 50/60Hz. Plug it, you are ready to start





FFWD season 1

Fast Forward Normandie - Season 1


Digit Concept has been selected to participate to the Season 1 of the Fast Forward Normandie program and to accelerate his business development. More information ... FFWD













Laser Chip Access


The use of LASER systems for electronic chip access is becoming a well established technique. The method has been proven to be fast and can gain valuable results -- especially on plastic packages. The LASER technique allows for ultra low temperature wet chemical final decapsulation and for reduced time with dry chemical (plasma) final decapsulation. The technique can be seen as a "Swiss knife" in many labs and many openings start with a LASER step today. This presentation also reviewed several case studies .