DIGIT CONCEPT introduces the New SesameLASERPlasma™ (SLP).

After 9 years of Research on combined LASER and Plasma Technology, DIGIT CONCEPT is pleased to announce the New SesameLASERPlasma™ (SLP), the Green way to decapsulate all types of IC with all types of wires materials (Al, Au, Cu, Cu/Pd, Ag ...). 

The SLP500DC is based on our SL500DC platform.  It combines a high performance IR Fiber LASER with Radio Frequency or Micro Wave Plasma (RFP/MWP). This SLP is based on our joint patent with the CNES Toulouse (Fr) - WO 2008/090281.

The SLP500DC provide 3 technics to solve mainly all your needsSLP500_Plasma

  • Atmospheric Radio Frequency Plasma (ARFP) and Micro Wave Plasma (AMWP)

  • Vacuum Radio Frequency Plasma (VRFP) and Micro Wave Plasma (VMWP)

  • Control of the Plasma obtained from the LASER ablation process

SLP500DC Platform

  • 3 in 1 system: The SLP500DC is our third LASER IC decapsulator basic platform. It can also integrate a cross section option for ICs, modules and PCBs. In addition, a Plasma option module can be added to become the SLP500DC

  • Flexible and Reliable : The SLP500C integrates a 10W IR Fiber LASER on basis. 4 Power LASER and 4 lenses are available to meet all you requirements. The SLP500DC is equipped with a Live vision camera with Fast Z adjustment and a Coaxial camera with High Mag and FOV on request. The SLP500DC have a 2 years Warranty.

  • Easy and Safe: The SLP500DC is a compact system, very easy to move. It can be installed everywhere in a workshop or on a production line and  needs a simple mono-phased electric plug 110/220V - 50/60Hz. Plug it, you are ready to start