SesamePLASMA Cleaning


All types of Plasma Cleaning Tools

  • Cleaning
  • Surface Activation
  • Stripping Photoresist
  • Cleaning Hybrids
  • Desmearing Printed Circuit Boards
  • Etching
  • R&D, Production


Product Highlight

  • 25 years of knowledge on Plasma Process and Equipments

  • Improved Electronic Control Unit: More robust connector vs dust

  • Easy maintenance

  • iPanel™ user interface with IP67 protective box and Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

  • Compatible with all type of RF Generators

  • 2 years’ warranty (excluding travel expenses)

  • Standard Electronic Rack easy to exchange

  • Intuitive software 

  • CE Certificate



Each of the iSP systems can be run in four plasma modes :

  • Down Stream: Samples are placed on the floating or neutral shelf surface for a gentle plasma effect
  • Direct: Samples are placed on the power or ground shelves for maximum effect
  • Directional: Samples requiring Anisotropic effect and maximum effect are placed on a special powered shelf
  • Special: Where parallel plate configurations do not serve as an optimum configuration special electrode configurations can be supplied

The iSP Series controller allows unlimited process storage, direct reading of gas flow in sccm, on screen process notes …

Power is concentrated on shelves for a better uniformity and transfer of power to plasma

No sputtering of the electrode buss to the back walls of the chamber