UpGrade your old Sesame1000


a SesameLASERPlasma1000UG


Product Highlight

Get the benefit of all the new capabilities of our advanced SLP500DC in your old Sesame1000 BoxSLP1000UG-im2

Simple and quick update on site to give your existing LASER decapsulation a new life


  • New Fiber LASER for decapsulation
    • Ytterbium doped Fiber 1064nm air cooled
    • Laser Power: 10W - Frequency: 20-200 KHz
  • Ready for the new Atmospheric PLASMA Assisted (Patented)
  • New Lens 254mm with a marking area of 170x170mm - Less damage to the wires 
  • Real time vision of the decapsulation - side camera - no need to move the sample
  • High density LED for lightening
  • Easy Focus thanks to a side camera and a pointer LASER
  • Z Axis programmable with a travel of 390mm
  • Fast calibration to maintain system accuracy
  • High grade Manual Precision XY table in standard: 100 x 100mm
  • More than 10 years of recipes are delivered on 200+ SesameLASER


  • Upgrade for precise Cross-Section for Package, PCB, ...EM-SLP
  • Atmospheric Plasma Assisted to preserve your Cu and Ag wires against corrosion
  • Coaxial camera through Galvo-Head for a real view of your job
  • High resolution camera
  • Cooler gun to improve cross section
  • Programmable X-Y Table 50 x50 or 100 x 100 mm

Main Characteristics

  • Voltage
  • Dimension
  • Weight